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KIKO Products Presents - The KIKO "Free Money" Card Program

Keep reading to learn how you can join this free program and earn quick income by offering golfers the tool they need!

Would you like an easy, no-cost way to promote a product and earn extra income? How does free money sound to you?

That's Right. FREE MONEY!


The KIKO Card FREE Money program is free to sign up!

Here is how it works:
2. We will send you a bundle of our specially coded KIKO Cards, FREE, for you to give out to your friends family, and coworkers, or leave out for clients and customers who golf.
3. KIKO Products will pay you $5 for every sale made under your special code number (included on your free cards).

Whether your an individual looking to make some extra $CASH$, raising money for a charity or organization, ANYONE can join this program!

When they buy the Wrist Rite to improve their golf game they will also be eligible to join our Private Member Community with great tools and downloads to help them with their golf game plus be entered to win a free vacation or other exciting prizes when they enter YOUR code number.

All you need to do make your specially coded cards available and when they buy we send you money! If you hand out all your cards and want more, simply give us a call and we will send you more to hand out, absolutely FREE. It's so EASY!

Give people the opportunity to buy the best new golf product on the market, WRIST RITE

which keeps the left (or right) lead wrist flat at impact so they improve their power and accuracy and you will get paid $5 for each sale. It is that easy!

If you would like to get your FREE MONEY cards, SIGN UP FREE and we will send them to you immediately!

If you would prefer to call to order your cards by phone, simply call 1-866-225-8100 and say you want to get on the FREE MONEY program.

Card Program PDF Brochure
Program Brochure
1.27 MB (Requires Adobe Reader)

Got Questions? Call us Toll Free too!

P.S. Have a Newsletter? You could put your card and code into your newsletter too! Make sure they know to enter the code for their chance to win!!!

P.S.S. Have a business? Why not get some cards for your counter for customers to take! If they buy, we'll send you $5 for each one sold via your code! No inventory! No Stock!


Q?: I received Cards, What do I do with them?

If you are a Golf Course or Driving Range, simply place them in a visible spot where your clientele can take one FREE.
If you are an individual, you may hand them out to people you know or meet who might be interested in golfing.

If they take one home and go online to purchase, we will send you $5 for each item sold based on your card code.

Q?: How do I know if I made a sale on my cards?

Each month we will send out cheques(checks) to everyone whose card code was entered during a purchase. You can call us anytime to see if any of your cards resulted in a sale. Simply ask for a Customer Representative in charge of the "Card Program".

Q?: If I have questions is there someone I can speak to?

You may call us Toll FREE anytime at 1.866.225.8100 and ask to speak to someone about the "Card Program".

Q?: I have a newsletter and/or web site. Can I use my code online too?

Yes you can!
  • Give the cards away for free.
  • Leave them on Store Counter for people to take one free.
  • Give them to friends, family members, coworkers etc.
  • Give to golf students.
  • Use your card/code in a newsletter.
  • Use the card/code in a blog.
Wrist Rite Golf Tool
Wrist Rite golf tool

Golf Training Aid keeps your Lead Wrist Alignment Flat so you drive better, pitch better and putt better.

Wrist Rite in your golf glove

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