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Tiger Says it's the # Mistake - Bending the Wrist

Does Tiger talk about the Lead Wrist? He sure does! In fact he dedicated a whole section to this topic in his book "How I Play Golf" to the importance of the wrist.

The # 1 Mistake: Flipping Your Wrist

"Single Worst Chipping Error You can make and unfortuneately the most common"

The mistake that Tiger Woods is speaking about in His book "How I Play Golf" is "trying to help the ball into the air by uncocking your wrists too early on the downswing." Tiger states "I'm not sure what causes it-anxiety maybe, or perhaps the feeling that you have to somehow help get the ball into the air. In any case, what happens is the player flips the clubhead into the ball, leaving the arms and shoulders behind. All kinds of bad things happen from chili-dipping and skulling to decelerating and hitting the ball too high or too low."

NO Tiger says "If my left wrist is cupped, I've broken down."

YES "After Impact my left wrist is flat."

Tiger Video on Wrist

Learn more about Tiger's Swing and how he is working on the his Flat Left Wrist in this video:
Tiger - Right Club Shaft for Wrist Alignment

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Wrist Rite eliminates the issues of collapsing the wrist at impact!
It instantly corrects the #1 problem that Tiger speaks about in his book and video. If Tiger says the bent wrist is the #1 problem then get the #1 golf tool that will help improve your golf game.


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Ken Venturi on the lead hand wrist.
Put Your Wrist in Casts

More Experts Views on the Lead Wrist!

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